SYMPATHISER(S) From the appellate level on down!

SYMPATHISER(S) is the only word that comes to mind after reading the Kraus vs. Aurora and MERS case filed and posted today 11.13.14! I’m going to give the sitting judges the benefit of doubt and declare that they were too embarrased to ORDER their decision published lest their neighbors discover how they really feel! That’s what the powers that be use when they want to bury a person in prison or segregate from the main populace with little or no evidence under RICO. These powers that be break the law with impunity. The average educated person once educated with the facts, e.g. ” The Four Horsemen” documentary on PBS, OR with an “Alternative Narrative” described by Neil F. Garfield in his post “Technical vs. Substantiative Objections: What difference Does It Make?” On Livinglies.weblog on September 22, 2014; And the Newport Beach, California based Aequitas Corporation 2012 Report on Department of Real Estate’s “FORECLOSURE IN CALIFORNIA/A Crisis of Non Compliance” describes California’s NON-JUDICIAL FORECLOSURES as a  ” Drastic Sanction” and a “Draconian Remedy”; The evidence is clear and convincing, yet these banksters have these powers that be in their pocket to do their dirty deeds and rewards them with millions of us dollars in bonuses. Now, the above description of ” SYMPATHISERS” does not apply to all powers that be, because there are plenty wholesome Americans in seats of authority that have withstood the decaying power of greed to make just decisions and lend an open ear to the oppressed high and low.m

Insurance Lawsuit Settled by Bank of America for $31M

Great! Little bit at a time the Banksters will reap what they have sown. And hopefully start going to prison. It’s pathetic! The average Joes are getting life sentences in prison for stealing a pizza, but oh God forbid any bankster should be carted away to prison for stealing millions of dollars.

Justice League

Bank of America has agreed to pay $31 million to settle a class action lawsuit that claims mortgage borrowers were forced to maintain excessive flood insurance coverage.

U.S. District Court Judge Michael Simon approved the settlement in an opinion filed in late September. About 359,320 members of the national class action lawsuit will receive a portion of the $21.82 million set aside for them.

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